Partnerships: Case Studies

Case Study: Improved UI and Sponsored Search Features.

Yahoo Shopping improved their UI on Search Ads and Sponsored Search Features. This recent study saw a 28% increase in both click-through rate and RPM when they implemented features such as Favicons, ad shading, increased ad spacing etc. Learn more on how you can do the same for your business. (PDF)

Case Study: Sitelink Extensions

DNS Solutions Partner Worked with Yahoo to Increase Their CTR & RPM with Sitelink Extensions which resulted in a 5-10% increase in CTR and 12% increase in RPM. Read the study for details and key takeaways. (PDF)

Case Study: Local Ad Extensions

Barefruit received great results for Using Local Ad Extensions to help increase monetization of their sponsored search ads which resulted in improved user experience with local results, increased CTR by 11% and increased RPM by 12%. (PDF)

Case Study: Opening Ads and Organic Results in a New Tab

AVG teams pumped its CTR & RPM with Yahoo with the launch of sponsored search and organic results opening in a new browser tab on PC. By doing so this increased click-through rate by 20%+ and increased RPM by 25%+. (PDF)

Case Study: YHS Beacon Tracking

Rakuten Loyalty Integrated YHS Beacon Tracking for fraud protection with incentivized search product. Yahoo dramatically decreased operations and maintenance costs. The result has allowed partner to allocate their marketing spend on product development resources to retain loyalty program users. (PDF)


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